Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Of Meet Gilad

What We Learn About You may collect your name, the nature of your employment, contact information including but not limited to email address, demographic information (such a zip code and interests), and any information that pertains to surveys.

What We Do With Our Information


This information will be collected in order to better serve you. We will use this information for internal record keeping, as well as to improve what we offer to the customer.

We may occasionally send email to the email address you provided to let you know about any products, services, or information that you might find pertinent. We may also attempt to contact you for market research, including but not limited to email.

We may use the information you’ve provided to change the website to fit your interests. We may share these preferences with third-party partners to enhance their marketing skills. We will never sell any information you provide to us.



We use cookies, as well as other electronic procedures to keep any information of your safe online. A cookie is a file that requests to enter your computer’s hard drive.

Once there, the file keeps a log of when you visit a particular site, letting you know what’s safe and what’s not, and keeping track of your preferences.

We use traffic log cookies so we can know which of our pages you prefer. We will use this information to tailor our website in order to better suit the needs of customers.

Once this information I use, it’s removed. Cookies do not give us access to any of your information, except that which you willingly share.

You have the choice as to whether to accept or decline cookies; this may stop you from getting the full use of our website.



Meet Gilad may include links directing you to other sites but would like to remind you that we have no control over the content of any site but our own.

We cannot ensure the protection or privacy of any site save for ours and said sites are not under our privacy statement (this one).

You should examine the privacy statements of other websites in order to know what applies in individual cases.


Personal Information


If you are uncomfortable sharing our personal information, look or boxes within forms. You can click these boxes to show that you do not want the information you provide to be used for direct marketing.

If you wish to withdraw an agreement about using personal information for direct marketing, you can revoke that agreement by emailing us.

Unless the law requires it(or we have your permission), we will not in any way sell your information to third parties. We may send you information about these third parties if we think you’d find it useful.

The Date protection act of 1988 enables you to request details about any information we have about you. If you find that we have incorrect information about you, and wish to correct us, you can email us.