Pneumatic Vs Cordless Nailers: What’s The Actual Different?
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Pneumatic Vs Cordless Nailers: What’s The Actual Different?

Nail guns are used to nails on wood or other surfaces. It has replaced the hammers and makes the work more comfortable and more accurate.

Nailers are not ordinary power tools, and a general purpose nailer does not exist. There are various sorts, brands and makes of nailers and each model is designed for a specific purpose. Among them are the cordless nail gun and the pneumatic nail gun.

What are pneumatic nailers?

 Pneumatic nailers are one of the versatile tools based on the way the nails are driven. Pneumatic tools drive the nail by pneumatic or air pressure. These can be very effective and are usually used for their high precision.

Pneumatic nailers are usually operated with compressed air. You must be careful when using this as the air hose becomes more dangerous. A stretched air hose increases the risk of the hazardous environment in which compressed air is located.

What are these cordless nailers?

This is a self-contained machine with a small turmoil motor. It is powered by a disposable canister of flame gas or batteries. These fuel cells are used, which are connected with LPG and spark plug to the internal battery. It has an inner piston that pushes the nail into the wood.

This type of nail gun is suitable for small tasks in tight spaces. This is also useful if you do not have much time to set up some things. Their performance depends on the battery. This tool should be cleaned regularly to keep it up to date.

The differences

Pneumatic models are cheaper compared to their brother the cordless ones, but of course, you do not need to have a compressor or a hose at hand. Some wireless nailers use a fuel cell for the nail drive, which however needs to be replaced every 500 nails, so you need to consider these costs.

The battery-powered models have no such requirement. The wireless, universally applicable aspect is the actual selling point, just as with cordless drills the need for a power cord is eliminated.

The pneumatic nail gun works until the moment your power supplies fail. Or you experience the results of too low a compressor. This would mean that you have to wait for the nailer to be charged. Where facts come from is thought-provoking when the nail gun stops.

If you are considering the cordless device,  be ok to access batteries or gas fuel. Even if you have small one, it is doubtful that you need to batteries. While pneumatics are breaking down, you have usually understood the problem. It would take time and possibly more expensive.

The pneumatic nailer is easier than the cordless nailer. In pneumatics, however, more parts are interconnected.

You need to make sure your hose is not leaking, the clutches are stable, the compressor is running correctly,  and you must remember to oil your nailer every day and monitor the oil level of some compressors.

These considerations are null and void with the wireless nailers currently on the market, as long as you have to work with a few batteries.


I think after reading my guide, you have an excellent idea of the cordless nail gun. So would you go with a cordless device or stick to the old-fashioned pneumatic way of working?

If you have set up a large room or a whole house, it may be worthwhile from an ergonomic and functionality position to try the pneumatic resolution.

We honestly believe that this article has given you valuable information that will allow you to choose the type of nailer, pneumatic or cordless for your needs!