Guide to Buying the Robot Toys for Kids in 2018
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Guide to Buying the Robot Toys for Kids in 2018

We are in an era of technology and almost every kid is influenced by superheroes. Kids use to spend a lot of the time watching movies and they get highly inspired from what they watch. They are likely to watch sci-fi movies in which everything seems to be robotic and filled with AI.

So their understanding and love towards robots is more than anything. This fact wants them to have some robotic stuff in their real life also which comes in the form of toys.

Not only kids, even we as adults also sometimes fancy the cool mechanical robots and their powers. Remember watching Transformers, RoboCop, A.I., Metropolis and many more.

All such films were full of science fiction and robotically inclined. When adults can’t control their robot lust, why to keep your kids away from robot toys.

Whenever it is festive time, let it be Christmas, Halloween or New Year gift shops get flooded with awe-inspiring and interactive robot games and toys.

And with the growing digital era, robot toys have now become more urbane than ever. Not only for fun purposes, but today there are numerous robot games that help the junior ones grow their scientific understanding apart from the bookish knowledge.

Choosing the best robot toy for your junior may be a lil tedious task, don’t worry we have got this sorted for you.

Few of the most adored robot toys by kids are:


1. Sphero star wars BB-8 Droid

We all know how great and creative is Star wars franchise. Many of their products are in the market and comes in a genre of robot. After R2-D2, they have presented BB-8 Droid to their lovers.

Inspired from the movie, this little robot toy looks very similar. BB-8 Droid is no lesser than an actual robot for kids.

It can be controlled by Android or ios devices. Moreover, the parents who bought this star war robot toy believe the fact that the toy adapts itself to child’s preferences.


2. Fisher-Price Imaginext Batbot

This high towering 11 inches, Batbot robot is almost every kids must have. Which kid isn’t a fan of DC Universe and Batman!

This amazing Imaginext DC Super Friends RC Transforming Bat Bot transcends itself smartly into Caped Crusader’s bat tank.

It comes with a ready to fight Batman and a radio controlled unit, the robot toy shoots four colorful disks for playing complete Justice League.

This Batman is as real as the one from DC Universe, it can easily run on any carpet and still stay strong and enacted. It’s a fantastic choice for kids to redeem their movie fantasies in real.


3. WowWee Miposaur

Everyone recalls the velociraptors from Jurassic World, how wonderful would your junior one feel if he could have control over that gigantic blue black dinosaur.

It’s almost like a dream robot for wildlife enthusiasts. Moreover, Miposaur can be operated via voice-overs, path tracking and hand gestures.

All the little Miposaur owners claim that they have had their best times while watching their kids dance along the Miposaur.

It also has a Beacon Sensing track ball on the lower surface making it easy to handle. You might like visiting link to explore more.


I just mentioned a few of the most famous robot toys, however there are many in the market. The purpose of this guide is to tell you that you should scroll finely and select only that robot toy for your kid which suits his/her age for better mental and physical development.

Always remember that children may not harm themselves while playing with robot toys, coz’ if striked directly the small mechanical guy can hit your lad badly also.

A robot toy can affect your child’s aesthetics also, so be sure that you make a right choice. Don’t be extra judgemental also so that you completely neglect kids’ choice.

Robot toys have been found to give a nice increment in the cognitive skills of children, in comparison to normal toys.

Also, some doodling robot toys are there in market which can help your ward grow their creative skills. And if your lad is fond of some breaking and making, buy him a robot that comes with complete mechanical kit; it will surely assist his crucial competence.