7 String Trimmer Tips You Should Know
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7 String Trimmer Tips You Should Know

There are a wide variety of garden tools that you must have to make your work easy and to enable you to maintain a good lane in your garden. One of the tools that are essential for your garden maintenance is a string trimmer.

Basically, a string trimmer is usually used for eliminating the unwanted grass and weeds from the garden and so, you need to be extra careful when working with this device to ensure your safety and the safety of your lawn.

So, here are seven essential string trimmer tips you should know.


1. Avoid working when the grass is wet

Check how the weather is before you start to trim the weed or the grass in the garden. This is because when there is rain, the grass tends to be slippery and this interferes with the functionality of the string trimmer.

How? It hinders the trimmer from working as required whereby it ends up overworking the motor thus resulting in damage.

Sometimes it could lead to permanent damage to the device which will cost you extra money in replacing the trimmer or buying a brand new one. Also, wet grass can cause you to slip and fall resulting in injuries.

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2. Clear the areas

Before you switch on the machine to work, ensure that the surface that you are trimming is clear of any harmful objects like metals objects, wires and anything that can harm you.

This is because the string trimmer hits quite hard on the ground and if it lands on a light metal object like a spring; it may be thrown your way.

To avoid such accidents, survey the areas and get rid of any object that may be lying on the ground.


3. Wear protective gears

Although you may be able to clear all the dangerous objects that may be lying on the ground, you are not guaranteed to have completely eliminated these objects from the ground.

Therefore, to ensure your safety wear protective gears when working with the string trimmer. Wear goggles, long-sleeved shirt and working helmet plus gumboots.


4. Adjust the height of the trimmer

The string trimmers are usually designed with adjusting mechanism which makes it possible to be used by people of different heights.

Some are even designed with shoulder harness which is essential for helping you balance the weight of the device.

So, make sure to take advantage of these features to make your work easy and enable you to have an easy time when working with the string trimmer.


5. Set the right trimming speed

The speed of the trimmer will be determined by what you are trimming and the areas that you are working at. Even if you want to entirely get rid of the weed and other debris that may be in the yard, you also need to ensure that you don’t damage the lawn in the garden.

Therefore, if you are working in an area that does not have a lot of weed, set the string trimmer at a high speed since you can easily control the movement of the device.

Another thing that determines the speed of the device is the nature of the plants or weed being cut. If you are cutting maybe some trees that may be growing in the garden, the speed will be high as compared to the speed of cutting the weed.


6. Take breaks when using gas trimmers

The gas trimmers tend to produce a lot of vibration who may affect the nerves on the body such as the fingers, arms and also the hands.

This may cause a nerve effect and even hinder good circulation around these areas. So, take breaks in between the work and also take a cup of coffee if you are working during the cold season to warm your nerves.

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7. Work from right to left

Most string trimmers are designed to work by rotating in an anticlockwise direction and therefore, it is advisable that you trim moving from right to left. But first, read the user’s manual since some brands of the machines may differ regarding the best side to work from.



If you are planning to buy a string trimmer and you don’t know where to start from, sue the above tips to guide you regarding how to use it and the safety measures you need to take for your wellbeing.