5 New Kitchen Trends for 2018
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5 New Kitchen Trends for 2018



If you are searching for something to refresh your home, you might find your answers in this short review.

Exploring the latest innovations from top brands and designers, we have found some possible refreshments that are unique for this year.

Anyhow, we will present some of the most popular and trending kitchen designs in 2018. Therefore, let’s start.

Matte black

Anyhow, the most popular thing in 2018 is matte black. Literary everywhere you put it, gives a great touch to the overall appearance.

Anyway, it can be seen everywhere, from outdoor kitchens to faucets and window finishes. Simply speaking, whole room looks different and wider with these small touches of matte black.

Now, you can find a great example of aforementioned at https://brownjordanoutdoorkitchens.com.

Industrial touches


Simply speaking, if you wish to give a modern, craftsman-like look to your kitchen, try with faucets and knurled lever industrial handles. This should provide royal appearance to your kitchen.

New Kitchen Trends


While metallic was popular last year, a modern kitchen requires a bit brighter colors and light hues.


That should give a fine contrast touch to your matte black details that we previously mentioned. Try going with brighter electronics this year.


Replacing your metallic appliances from the last year with brighter ones should bring more light to your kitchen and you will have full joy of being in there.


We suggest giving a look at variety of modern tiles for your more modern kitchen look that http://www.walkerzanger.com offers.

When it comes to vanities, visit https://ronbow.com, and finally some of the best range hoods can be found at http://www.bestrangehoods.com/home.aspx. The combination of these 3 should just do the job.

Furthermore, if you want to add some more contrast to matte black finishes, try some brighter sinks that can be seen on http://www.elkay.com, featuring some nice outdoor grill by Hestan.



You would probably want to add something of your personal taste to the new modern kitchen you are trying to go with. Now, you can do that with ease.

You can feel free to be yourself and express your creativity through unique details that can be added to your kitchen and bath.

Now, Custom options for finishes and hardware range from pattern to color, and appliances like Liebherr’s refrigerator become modular with custom configurations.

You can try with small things like silverware, and plant pots or simply faucet knobs.

Smart kitchen

As we all know, technology is rapidly entering our lives, not only when it comes to cool gadgets but you can make the quality of your life better with integrating technology into all functions in your kitchen.

Whether you are thinking of lightings, faucets, or fridge and stove, all of that can be a bit easier to use and less-time consuming with adding just a bit of smart to it.

Smart kitchens are something new and cost-effective. A lot of kitchens nowadays are built smart but when it comes to older kitchens, you can add sensors, gadgets, and some other devices for your convenience.

There are easy add-ons like motionsense faucets that will start running water automatically when you put your hands underneath.

Furthermore, there are refrigerators that can inform you of your groceries running low, or a coffee maker that you can program to prepare your coffee while sleeping.

There is also something that can help you boiling your eggs. It’s a gadget which will alarm you when some of your eggs are going bad.

Kitchen Trends

Also, adding a bit of modern into your lighting system will allow you to control the lights from your tablet or smart phone from anywhere at all.

Experimenting with novel technologies has never been so fun.



In the light of everything that we previously said, these are some of the most innovative trends for 2018. In other words.

If you want your kitchen to look like those from magazines of cooking shows, we suggest trying out some, or even better, all of the things that we chose for you.

Additionally, there are some of the manufacturers that we found very up-to-date. Give a look, and you might find something that suits you, and that will make your eye enjoy your kitchen more.